Iris Software names Kamal Dhamija as CISO

Kamal Dhamija

Kamal Dhamija has been named Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Iris Software.

Kamal Dhamija will be essential in building a strong cybersecurity framework and strategic defences that complement the business objectives of the organization. His top priorities are directing cybersecurity strategy, ensuring compliance, and fortifying defences against evolving cyber threats. Kamal is committed to creating strong cybersecurity rules, promoting teamwork among teams, and fostering a cyberaware culture to ensure the resilience of Iris Software’s systems. Together with his coworkers, Kamal aspires to explore cyberspace and welcome a safe future for Iris Software. Building and directing a cybersecurity plan with improved compliance and a potent defence is his aim.

Kamal Dhamija is a cybersecurity strategist and transformational leader with over 17 years of experience leading digitalization programs and strategic account management. In the field of onshore and offshore global service delivery, he has demonstrated a deep comprehension of organization-wide cybersecurity strategies that align with client objectives. Under his direction, Kamal has consistently delivered affordable IT solutions and exceptional customer service, making him a dependable counsel in the industry. Kamal has shared his thoughts on cutting-edge topics including next-generation cloud security as a seasoned speaker at cybersecurity and IT forums. Technical proficiency across multiple disciplines, governance, stakeholder management, and business acumen are some of his strongest suits.

His creation of enterprise-wide cybersecurity solutions for leading US and European businesses in a range of sectors, such as banking, manufacturing, media and entertainment, energy and resources, and more, is one of his most notable achievements. Because of his broad experience in a range of industries and his ability to handle a wide range of cybersecurity concerns, Kamal is a powerful force in securing the digital future of companies all around the world, including Accenture, TCS, IBM, and Indigo.

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