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Is Artificial Intelligence the future of Cybersecurity?

Although it has some disadvantages, the application of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity can aid in defending enterprises against cyberattacks. AI is a critical building block for accelerating, improving, and humanising cybersecurity. Using AI to protect against attacks and increase transparency by letting customers know who the attackers are and what data they are after has already proven crucial in the sector.

Security online is a growing concern for organisations, governments, and people in general. Companies can employ artificial intelligence (AI) to identify possible hazards, take automatic action in response, and even stop breaches from happening in the first place.
Problems with cybersecurity may be solved by AI. AI is faster than human specialists at identifying patterns, alerting, and responding.

There is a sizable corpus of research demonstrating AI’s potential for cybersecurity. Because some of these technologies, or combinations of them, are better at recognising risks and are typically less prone to error than people, they can provide important advantages over human analysts.

Governments and businesses are under increasing pressure in the modern world to tackle sophisticated challenges. Threat identification is now the biggest barrier for businesses in cybersecurity, but AI offers a revolutionary way to identify sophisticated threats, stop criminal behaviour, and proactively safeguard networks.

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