Kyndryl and Veeam to deliver advanced cyber resiliency services

Kyndryl and Veeam

Kyndryl and Veeam Software have partnered to offer customers full cyber resiliency services. Through this collaboration, Kyndryl becomes a Veeam Accredited Service Partner (VASP), fusing Veeam’s data replication and protection technologies with Kyndryl’s managed security services and infrastructure management knowledge.

Customers of Kyndryl will benefit from the partnership’s cost optimization, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and seamless data mobility across several environments, including cloud-native and Kubernetes, as well as simple and comprehensive data protection and ransomware recovery. According to the company, Kyndryl will combine technical implementation and expert services with Veeam technologies to give consumers choices for all-encompassing cyber resilience.

The partnership will also concentrate on providing clients with a smooth transition to contemporary, highly secure, and compliant cloud-based infrastructure. It offers scalable and customizable backup and recovery options for hybrid and multi-cloud systems, presenting an innovative approach to data security for businesses of all sizes.

To improve operational efficiencies and give clients the flexibility to adjust to evolving industry standards and business needs, automation is integrated into the solutions. By providing techniques to effectively recover from unfavourable conditions, such as cyber events, human mistakes, and hardware failures, this collaborative endeavour seeks to increase stakeholder confidence.

“Veeam is focused on ensuring organisations are prepared to bounce forward when the worst happens. Whether it’s a cyber-attack, an outage or a natural disaster we give customers peace of mind that their data is safe and can be rapidly recovered to keep their business running,” said John Jester, CRO at Veeam. “We’re excited to bring our technology together with the scale and expertise of Kyndryl to bring the benefits of Veeam technology to customers around the world. Together, we will keep businesses running.”

“With the ever-growing threat from cyber risks, maintaining cyber resiliency is a top priority for our customers,” said Debbie Nevin, Vice President of Global Alliances at Kyndryl. “Our partnership with Veeam enables us to support our customers’ business continuity posture and ability to recover from increasingly more sophisticated cyber incidents.”

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