Prashant Maldikar to spearhead cyber security initiatives at RBI Subsidiary, IFTAS

Prashant Maldikar

Prashant Maldikar has taken over as Head, Cyber Security at Indian Financial Technology & Allied Services (IFTAS), a branch of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Maldikar brings to the table over 25 years of rich experience in the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) sector, with a particular focus on information and cyber security.

As the newly appointed head, Maldikar is tasked with the critical responsibility of developing and implementing comprehensive cybersecurity strategies and roadmaps. His role will involve steering cyber security projects from their initial conceptual stages to full realisation, ensuring that IFTAS remains at the forefront of cyber defence within the financial sector.

Maldikar’s extensive background in the BFSI sector has equipped him with a deep understanding of the intricate challenges and evolving threats in cyber security. His tenure in the industry has seen him build a robust foundation in banking and financial services, complemented by over three decades of technological expertise.

Before joining IFTAS, Maldikar held prestigious positions across various esteemed financial institutions. His career includes significant roles at RBL Bank, Tata Capital Limited, India Infoline Finance Limited, IndusInd Bank, and Centurion Bank of Punjab. Throughout his professional journey, Maldikar has been recognized for his strategic approach to managing information security and his ability to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of cyber threats.

The appointment of such a seasoned professional underscores IFTAS’s commitment to enhancing its cyber security measures. With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, Maldikar’s leadership is expected to play a pivotal role in safeguarding the digital assets and operations of the RBI and its affiliated entities.

Under Maldikar’s guidance, IFTAS aims to further strengthen its cyber security posture, ensuring robust protection against cyber threats for India’s banking and financial sector. His expertise and strategic vision are anticipated to drive significant advancements in cyber security at IFTAS, setting new benchmarks for resilience and innovation in the industry.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Maldikar stated, “I’m excited and privileged to join IFTAS to play a pivotal role in my journey to make a modest yet meaningful contribution in the field of cyber security.” This sentiment underlines his commitment to advancing cyber security measures and contributing valuable insights to the industry.”

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