Tenable unveils ExposureAI to help enterprises prevent cyberattacks with Gen AI


ExposureAI has been announced by Tenable, the exposure management firm.

Web application and API scanning, identity security, vulnerability management, external attack surface management (EASM), and cloud security data are all seamlessly integrated with Tenable One. By proactively identifying flaws, this integrated method helps defend against possible assault. It continuously observes multiple surroundings to ensure the broadest exposure management coverage.

A scalable data lake powered by Snowflake that was also unveiled by the company is called Tenable Exposure Graph. The enormous number of over 1 trillion unique exposures, IT assets, and security findings across IT, public cloud, and OT environments are consolidated by this data platform.

Tenable refers to the platform’s three main capabilities as Search, Explain and Action. Tenable noted in the announcement that Search enables security teams to conduct queries utilizing natural language searches. They may examine the resources and vulnerabilities in their environments, understand key circumstances, and choose which fixes to prioritize thanks to this.

Explain offers suggestions on how to deal with flaws in the customer’s setup. This is accomplished by providing a concise analysis of intricate attack pathways, particular assets, or security discoveries.

Action, on the other hand, offers insightful suggestions and actionable ideas. These suggestions are based on the most serious issues and vulnerabilities discovered in the environment of the customer.

“For years, Tenable has helped firms prioritize vulnerabilities based on actual risk to the business using its market-leading vulnerability management data and applied AI approaches. Our DNA includes AI, according to Glen Pendley, Tenable’s chief technology officer. Now, we’re utilizing generative AI to give security professionals more authority than ever to guide their exposure management programs and snare cyber danger wherever it lurks.

Microsoft and Tenable have recently gotten into a fight. According to the security firm, Microsoft lacks openness and employs careless security procedures. Amit Yoran, chairman and CEO of Tenable, exposed Microsoft’s violations in an open letter posted on LinkedIn.

The Tenable Research Team discovered a serious flaw in the Microsoft Azure platform in March that made it possible for thieves to acquire private information. Despite being made aware of the vulnerability, it took Microsoft more than 90 days to publish a partial fix.

Tenable contends that this security flaw has exposed a bank and other clients to cyberattacks. The shared responsibility model used by cloud providers is impacted when suppliers fail to alert consumers to issues and provide fixes in a timely manner.

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