CrowdStrike boosts investment in India to combat modern cyber threats

CrowdStrike boosts

CrowdStrike revealed the opening of its brand-new, cutting-edge Pune, India location. Ensuring the cybersecurity leader’s commitment to safeguarding enterprises in India and the wider region, the new 52,000-square-foot facility in Pune roughly doubles the capacity of its previous locations.

One of the world’s most inventive and rapidly expanding security organizations, CrowdStrike has its headquarters in the United States and operates all around the world. Since opening the CrowdStrike Innovation and Development Center in Pune in 2018 to act as its regional hub for talent, innovation, and client interaction, CrowdStrike has made investments in India. The global product, engineering, and business services teams’ continuous expansion is facilitated by the larger facilities and increased market presence.

“India plays a critical role in the growth and development of our global operations and is a leading reason why we established our Innovation and Development centre in the heart of Pune. Our footprint here gives us access to incredible talent, and provides a central location to engage with customers from across the region,” said Michael Sentonas, president at CrowdStrike. “Our development team in India has played a pivotal role in delivering the innovation and powerful platform capabilities our customers require to stop breaches. We’ll continue to invest in key regions like India to make the Falcon platform, the gold standard of protection, available to every customer around the world.”

The enlarged Pune office demonstrates CrowdStrike’s dedication to making investments in international operations and expanding its goal of preventing intrusions into businesses worldwide.

To increase accessibility and hasten the uptake of the AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon XDR platform, CrowdStrike has created a new center in Asia, this time in Singapore. The company is also working to obtain certifications from international governments and industry bodies. With its industry-leading Falcon platform, first-rate incident response and services, and well-known cyber threat intelligence team, CrowdStrike has become one of the most reliable worldwide names in cybersecurity.

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