CybeReady collaborates with Vanta to elevate cybersecurity readiness for SaaS-based businesses

cybersecurity readiness

A strategic alliance between CybeReady and Vanta was announced to provide businesses with comprehensive risk management and security readiness, Vanta’s Trust Management Platform and CybeReady’s Security Awareness Training service are collaborating to leverage their strengths.

The Trust Management platform from Vanta provides visibility over the main business risk surfaces by combining several compliance and security point solutions. The platform continuously monitors the vital tools and services used by the company to give a single, consolidated picture of the compliance and security posture of the organization. CybeReady will provide the Vanta platform with top-notch security awareness training as a result of this strategic partnership.

Robust security awareness training aimed at minimizing human errors is provided by CybeReady, a people-centric security awareness solution. This meets security awareness compliance standards by providing year-round support to organizations and encouraging a positive, engaged security culture. Vanta picked the solution because of its quick implementation and enhanced learning platform, which includes brief quizzes and knowledge bites to encourage learning. To monitor staff engagement and success, administrators can easily communicate findings to management by using CybeReady’s key performance indicators (KPIs).

The CybeReady system guarantees adherence to official directives by offering completely modifiable material, including well-written policies that are accessible in any language and branded with the company’s logo. It uses eight times more phishing simulations than the industry average and provides advanced training in 42 languages to every employee each month. With 100% continuous workforce training and more engagement, the training sessions are dispersed automatically and customized based on the position, location, and performance of the employees.

“With this alliance, CybeReady aims to extend its reach in the SaaS market, offering proven solutions for a broader range of clients,” stated Mike Polatsek, Chief Strategy Officer for CybeReady, “We are thrilled to partner with Vanta as it furthers our mission to strengthen cybersecurity readiness for businesses globally.”

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