Fortinet Unveils First AI Assistant for Securing IoT Devices


Fortinet, a leader in global cybersecurity that integrates networking and security, has announced the latest enhancements to its operational technology (OT) security solutions and services. These updates further distinguish Fortinet’s OT Security Platform as a market leader.

John Maddison, Chief Marketing Officer and EVP of Product Strategy at Fortinet, emphasised the unique demands of OT environments compared to traditional IT systems. He stated, “Our OT Security Platform is meticulously engineered to deliver specialised protection and risk management for industrial settings. Given the increase in attacks on critical infrastructures, the importance of robust OT security cannot be overstated. With these updates, we continue to advance our commitment to providing cutting-edge OT security solutions and intelligence.”

As industrial devices increasingly connect beyond traditional boundaries, the risks in OT environments have escalated. Fortinet’s research indicates significant security breaches in these sectors, with 75% of OT organisations experiencing at least one intrusion in the past year and about a third facing ransomware attacks. Addressing these threats requires a security strategy designed for industrial applications that enforce policies throughout the attack surface, streamlines various security products, and minimises operational complexity.

The Fortinet OT Security Platform integrates cybersecurity products, solutions, and services tailored for industrial networks. Leveraging real-time OT threat intelligence and as a component of the Fortinet Security Fabric, the platform enhances visibility across environments and supports IT/OT convergence. It enables organisations to adopt a zero-trust model, ensuring secure remote access for off-site employees and contractors.

Dan Sanderson, VP of Strategy at Cyber Advisors, commented, “The convergence of IT and OT is creating heightened risk landscapes. Our clients need robust, manageable OT security solutions. The Fortinet OT Security Platform allows us to offer comprehensive security across all aspects of their operations, enhancing protection without adding undue complexity.”

These updates signal Fortinet’s ongoing commitment to evolving its OT security capabilities to meet the challenges of modern industrial environments.

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