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Mobile phones! the new target for cyberhackers

Smartphones are increasingly attracting hackers’ attention due to their widespread use and the volume of data they contain. Beyond a security lock pattern or password, nobody really worries about mobile device security. It’s indeed time for individuals and organisations to acknowledge the need for adequate mobile device security measures. It is crucial nowadays to keep yourself informed about the most recent cybersecurity threats and news because new threats are developing every day.

Not to mention the fact that mobile devices have a lot of personal information stored on them and provide cybercriminals with different access points. Cybercriminals can obtain sensitive information like your bank account, email address, social network accounts, text messages, and more by analysing your phone.
What you might not know, however, is that these gadgets are emerging as one of the most rapidly expanding attack spaces in addition to all the smart advantages.

Why are cybercriminals targeting smartphones?

Today’s smartphones save extensive data of their owners. Smartphones save a wide range of information, including identification, location, social network data, private photos, and financial and personal information. This information is a gold mine for cybercriminals wanting to profit from weaknesses. A seemingly innocent app downloaded from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App store might infect your phone with malware, albeit Android devices are more susceptible.

In order to obtain personal information or listen to business ideas, hackers can also eavesdrop on phone calls. Additionally, cybercriminals frequently target phones to steal personal information like pictures or videos. After that, the hacker demands payment from the user to maintain their privacy. The gathering of financial information, such as your bank account information, is another typical motive. They can do transactions on their own using these details.

These days, smartphones have strong processors. This processing power is available to hackers for bitcoin mining. As a result, the phone performs slowly and inconsistently. People in positions of authority, such as those employed by the government, are particularly
Finally, smartphone attacks occur simply because they are widely used and users do not take adequate security measures.

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