Trellix introduces Cybersecurity Generative AI innovations powered by Amazon Bedrock

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Trellix revealed its generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) capabilities, which are supported by Trellix Advanced Research Center and built on Amazon Bedrock. With Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed solution from Amazon Web Services (AWS), developers can build and scale generative AI applications by having access to foundation models (FMs) from top AI businesses through an API. Trellix continues to invest in GenAI to give clients faster threat mitigation and better support by growing its partnership with AWS.

Reducing cyber risk requires implementing a thorough threat detection and response program. When it comes to spotting and neutralizing threats, every second counts and most CISOs have resource constraints. SecOps teams will be able to move more swiftly from detection to investigation to reaction with Trellix GenAI and Amazon Bedrock, which will let limited security analysts work more effectively.

“As security threats evolve, businesses require innovative solutions to quickly move from detection to mitigation, and the ability to communicate cyber and business risk in simple language,” says John Morgan, General Manager XDR, Trellix. “AWS enables Trellix to continue delivering transformative products to our customers, leveraging the power of GenAI to accelerate their cybersecurity initiatives.”

“We partnered with Trellix to explore new ways to automate investigations,” says Chuck Lerch, CXO Head of Cybersecurity, Cyberuptive. “In this groundbreaking work, we combined Trellix XDR Platform’s rich data and investigative playbooks with LLMs running on AWS to make comprehensive assessments of alerts. The results are providing useful insights and showing the value of being able to focus on security research instead of how to run an LLM at scale.”

Trellix and AWS support responsible AI with a focus on data privacy, enabling users to custom-train AI output while maintaining the confidentiality of their input and output. Furthermore, Trellix adheres to an ethical policy regarding the use of AI technology and actively collaborates with prominent organizations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC), Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP), UK, EU, and other governments to disseminate information and offer feedback on proposals pertaining to the responsible application of AI.

According to Atul Deo, general manager of Amazon Bedrock, AWS, “Amazon Bedrock is built with security and privacy in mind and makes it easy for customers to easily and securely experiment with a variety of top foundation models (FMs) and customize them privately using their proprietary data.” Trellix was an early user, integrating Amazon Bedrock capabilities into threat detection services to help customers assess the seriousness of an alarm by analyzing data and offering AI-powered recommendations. We anticipate that clients will be able to use the potential of generative AI to better detect and address cybersecurity issues thanks to this integration.

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