Akamai launches NVIDIA-Powered cloud service for enhanced media processing

Akamai launches NVIDIA-Powered cloud service for enhanced media processing

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Akamai Technologies has added a new media-optimized product built on NVIDIA GPUs to expand its cloud portfolio. Companies in the media and entertainment sector who struggle with processing video content more quickly and effectively will benefit from increased productivity and economics thanks to the new cloud-based solution powered by the NVIDIA RTX 4000 Ada Generation GPU.

Internal benchmarking conducted by Akamai demonstrated that GPU-based encoding using the NVIDIA RTX 4000 processes frames per second (FPS) 25x faster than traditional CPU-based encoding and transcoding methods, which presents a significant advancement in the way streaming service providers address their typical workload challenges.

With the help of Akamai’s offering, media and entertainment businesses can take advantage of the most distributed cloud platform in the world, integrated content delivery and security services, and construct scalable, resilient infrastructures and workloads that are quicker, more dependable, and portable.

Shawn Michels, Vice President of Cloud Products at Akamai, stated, “Media companies need low-latency, reliable compute resources that maintain the portability of the workloads they create.” When used with Akamai’s global edge platform, NVIDIA GPUs offer better performance at a lower cost. We provide our customers with the ability to architect their next-generation workloads to be cloud-agnostic and support multi-cloud architectures through our open platform and qualified compute partners.