Persistent Systems Chooses Zscaler for Technology Modernization & Sustainable Energy Projects

Persistent Systems Chooses Zscaler for Technology Modernization & Sustainable Energy Projects

Persistent Systems

Zscaler, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZS) recently disclosed its strategic alliance with Persistent Systems, a prominent provider of global digital engineering and enterprise modernization services. This collaboration centres around Persistent’s adoption of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ cloud security platform, aligning with its zero trust security initiatives and supporting its business expansion and environmental sustainability goals.

Persistent Systems was searching for a technology partner that provided reliable technology and shared its commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

Debashis Singh, Chief Information Officer at Persistent Systems, commented on the strategy behind the partnership: “Our priority was to support our global workforce with an anywhere computing model underpinned by zero trust architecture, which has proven to be highly effective. Our objective was to strengthen our cybersecurity infrastructure while cutting costs, reducing complexity, and lessening our environmental footprint. Given these factors, deepening our partnership with Zscaler appeared to be the logical progression in our security and cloud transformation journey.”

To modernize its technological environment while enhancing user experience and facilitating mergers and acquisitions, Persistent implemented the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform. This AI-enhanced cloud security platform removes the need for traditional firewall-based security systems and enables secure, device- and location-agnostic access to applications and data. The platform’s advanced security architecture significantly decreases potential attack vectors and restricts unauthorized data access, ensuring comprehensive authentication and authorization of users before resource access. Thanks to Zscaler’s scalable, cloud-native design, Persistent can seamlessly expand its security infrastructure as it grows, avoiding the pitfalls of outdated security solutions.

In the initial deployment phase, Persistent enabled several Zscaler functionalities for its users. Zscaler Internet Access™ (ZIA™) offers secure web gateway access for Persistent’s 22,800 users across 21 countries, driven by cloud-native, AI technology. Zscaler Private Access™ (ZPA™) has taken over traditional VPN solutions, offering enhanced and speedy direct-to-cloud access to private applications from any device and location. Moreover, Zscaler Data Loss Prevention™ (Zscaler DLP™) has strengthened data security with robust features such as inline TLS/SSL traffic inspection and data discovery. Additionally, Zscaler Digital Experience promotes rapid problem identification and resolution, optimizing user experience, while Zscaler Deception™ diverts high-priority threats away from essential resources.

The benefits of deploying the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform were swiftly realized by Persistent. Within just three months, the platform significantly reduced business risks and boosted productivity for Persistent. Despite a 35% increase in data traffic to 1,000 terabytes from the previous year, the company successfully thwarted 1.6 million security threats, including 369,305 hidden within encrypted traffic.

Mike Rich, Chief Revenue Officer and President of Global Sales at Zscaler highlighted the broader implications of the collaboration: “Balancing innovation and growth with cybersecurity and sustainability objectives is a considerable challenge for organizations globally. A strategic partner that can effectively navigate these challenges is crucial for a successful digital transformation. Zscaler is excited to support Persistent on its path to minimizing environmental impact and maximizing innovation. We greatly value our ongoing partnership as we advance towards a future founded on zero trust and generative AI.”