Cisco introduced a secure networking strategy in India to bolster security and connectivity


Cisco introduced its Secure Networking initiative in India, seamlessly combining advanced networking with robust cybersecurity features. This initiative is built on the zero-trust principle, designed to furnish secure and uninterrupted connectivity, thereby assisting businesses in tackling cybersecurity challenges within hybrid environments.

Vish Iyer, President of Architecture for Asia Pacific, Japan, and China at Cisco, highlighted Cisco’s unparalleled network visibility as a critical differentiator. He emphasised that Cisco Secure Networking consolidates security capabilities into a unified platform, including zero-trust principles and precise security policy enforcement. Iyer emphasised that Cisco aims to deliver a theoretical concept and an experiential security solution to customers, partners, and stakeholders, leveraging their technology expertise.

According to Cisco’s Cybersecurity Readiness Index, only 24% of organisations in India are ready to combat modern cybersecurity threats. The magnitude of this readiness gap becomes pronounced when considering that 90% of survey participants foresee cybersecurity incidents potentially disrupting their businesses in the upcoming 12 to 24 months. The financial impact of such incidents is substantial, with 80% of respondents reporting cybersecurity incidents in the past year, costing at least $500,000 for 53% of those affected.

Key features of Cisco Secure Networking include a unified access experience, intelligent security policy management, rapid threat detection and visibility, and scalable enforcement of zero-trust policies.

Yoshiyuki Hamada, Managing Director of the global Security Sales Organization for Asia Pacific, Japan, and China at Cisco, emphasised the increasing pressure on organisations to safeguard distributed infrastructures and provide employees with secure, high-speed application connectivity in a hybrid environment. He noted Cisco’s leadership in converging networking and security, offering enterprises a scalable, more straightforward, more flexible, secure, and resilient infrastructure than ever before. Hamada expressed excitement about the launch of Secure Networking, enabling organisations to enhance their security posture and innovate securely at scale.”

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