Thales Group Is Set to Establish an Avionics Mro Facility in Gurgaon by March 2025

Thales Group Is Set to Establish an Avionics Mro Facility in Gurgaon by March 2025

Thales Group

Thales Group, a leading French company in aerospace, defence, and cybersecurity, is establishing an avionics maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) facility in Gurgaon by March next year. The multinational aims to double its engineering workforce in India within two years to meet the growing export demands for cybersecurity and aviation solutions.

Pascale Sourisse, Senior Executive Vice President of International Development at Thales and CEO of Thales International, stated that the company plans to secure MRO certification by the end of 2024, with business operations set to commence in the coming year’s first quarter. She explained that avionics MRO facilities do not need to be located at airports since they do not require runway access. Equipment will be removed from the aircraft, repaired at the MRO, and reinstalled.

Pascale further noted that the new avionics MRO will provide various services, utilising Thales’s well-known expertise in avionics systems to support major Indian airlines like Air India and IndiGo. This will ensure their aircraft operate efficiently and reliably.

Additionally, Thales is investing multiple millions of Euros in this new setup in Gurgaon to enhance service efficiency for its airline clients. The company is strategically expanding its operations in India, leveraging it as a hub to address global markets in cybersecurity and aviation, anticipating significant growth in these sectors.

Pascale highlighted that most of Thales’s activities in India are aimed at international markets, encompassing cybersecurity solutions, hardware security modules, financial transaction technologies, and cloud data security. She emphasised the crucial role the Indian team will play in meeting the rising global market demand.