3i Infotech joins forces with FireCompass to elevate Enterprise Security

3i Infotech joins forces with FireCompass to elevate Enterprise Security

FireCompass and 3i Infotech

Indian IT services provider 3i Infotech Limited announced a partnership with the cybersecurity firm FireCompass to assist in the detection and mitigation of advanced cyber security risks for its corporate clients.

FireCompass is a cybersecurity startup whose software automatically determines an organization’s digital attack surface and performs multi-stage safe attacks, simulating an actual attacker, to assist find breaches and attack vectors that would otherwise go unnoticed by conventional technologies.

Bikash Barai, co-founder of FireCompass, noted that while organizations normally test certain of their assets sometimes, hackers constantly attack all of the assets. In his words, “penetration Testing & Red Teaming available to all so that organizations can continuously discover and test all their assets at all times—just like the real attackers”

The startup, which was established in 2019 by Bikash Barai and Priyanka Aash, assists businesses with data breaches by employing AI techniques to scan the deep, dark, and surface webs. The Boston- and Bengaluru-based SaaS business acquired $7 million in funding in February from new investors BIF (Bharat Innovation Fund) and Silicon Valley-based Cervin and Athera Venture Partners (formerly Inventus Capital). The business announced that it would use the funds to hire new employees and expand operations across India, the US, and other foreign markets.

With the aid of this solution, security teams can identify undiscovered organizational assets (such as IP addresses, domain names, applications, cloud services, and third-party SaaS services) as well as infrastructure vulnerabilities that are exposed to the internet. The company claimed in a statement that doing penetration tests and scans on demand takes less time and doesn’t require the hiring of extra experts.

The alliance would further enable to “Tap into the banking industry via captive, PSUs and enterprise segments,” according to Sushant Purushan, Chief Revenue Officer of 3i Infotech.

According to research released in July 2023 by the cyber security company Check Point, the number of cyberattacks grew by 8% globally in the second quarter of 2023 as a result of the emergence of artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT. According to the report, threat actors are using code-generating tools like ChatGPT to carry out successful cyberattacks.

According to the report, a single Indian organization experienced 2,146 cyberattacks on average per week in the past six months. The government, insurance, healthcare, and education and research sectors in India were the most frequently targeted.