Joining Forces, DSCI And Kyndryl To Train 25,000 Indian Students In Cybersecurity

Joining Forces, DSCI And Kyndryl To Train 25,000 Indian Students In Cybersecurity

Data Security Council of India (DSCI), Kyndryl

In a significant step towards enhancing cybersecurity awareness among young students, American IT company Kyndryl announced its collaboration with the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) on Thursday. The partnership aims to provide free cybersecurity training to around 25,000 Indian students in the coming three years through a “Cyber Sainik” program. The initiative is set to commence its first batch in July.

The Cyber Sainik programme is designed to serve as a frontline defence against cyber threats such as cyberbullying and online exploitation. Targeting students from grades 6 to 12, the programme will equip them with the necessary skills, tools, and techniques to identify and report cybersecurity issues and protect themselves from malicious actors on digital platforms, online spaces, and social media channels.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a joint certification from Kyndryl and DSCI, further endorsing their acquired cybersecurity skills.

“Today, kids and teenagers are exposed to the digital world at an early age as it has become a part of their education and lifestyle. However, navigating the online space securely is imperative. “With the Cyber Sainik programme, I am confident that it will help students get the necessary knowledge and confidence to remain cyber safe,” said Vinayak Godse, CEO of DSCI.

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This initiative underscores the importance of cybersecurity education in the digital age, preparing young minds to navigate the complexities of the online world safely and responsibly.