AIIMS, Delhi ups security to protect its network after cyber-attack

AIIMS, Delhi ups security to protect its network after cyber-attack

AIIMS, Delhi

In light of the recent cyber-attack on its servers, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi has decided to fortify its e-hospital network, stating that it will only be permitted on a dedicated and secure AIIMS LAN/intranet network maintained by its computer facility department.

Director Dr M Srinivas stated in an office memo that the AIIMS LAN/intranet will not be used or allowed for any other purpose. “Open internet services are critical for research, academic, and administrative purposes. “These services shall be procured from MTNL at a reasonable rent and maintained by respective user departments within their respective research funds or approved GIA-General funds, as applicable,” said the order issued on January 9.

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The computer facility department will be in charge of the e-hospital network’s security and will keep a database of all IT equipment that connects to it.

According to the order, the engineering services department will facilitate power point requirements, coordinate with MTNL service providers for internet cable/wire laying, and maintain the database for open internet services requisitioned by user departments.

According to the order, the security of such open internet networks and their connected devices (anti-virus, strong passwords, responsible internet access, and so on) will be the responsibility of the respective user departments. They will keep a database of all users and equipment that are permitted to connect to the open internet network.

According to the new arrangement, no computer or device can have a simultaneous (wired or wireless) connection to the AIIMS LAN/intranet and the open internet. According to the order, all departments that use the internet must ensure that no personal Wi-Fi routers are connected to AIIMS LAN/intranet and that no unauthorised computer or end-point gadgets are connected to AIIMS LAN/intranet.