Cisco takes Application Security to the next level with Panoptica partnership

Cisco takes Application Security to the next level with Panoptica partnership

Cisco takes Application Security

Cisco is advancing customers’ modern application security needs along their cloud journey with the introduction of a new solution. Panoptica, Cisco’s Cloud Native Application Security solution, will now provide end-to-end lifecycle protection for cloud-native application environments, from development to deployment to production, as announced at Cisco LIVE 2023.

This will secure modern applications from the start, allowing teams to quickly identify risks, prioritize alerts, and ultimately remediate the most critical vulnerabilities using powerful attack path analysis.

The capability addresses issues that organisations around the world are dealing with as demand for applications to drive core business processes grows, as does the complexity of securing application development and deployment across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

“Our customers deserve a true partner and total confidence in the protection of their critical applications, data, and workloads,” said Liz Centoni, Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer, and General Manager of Applications. “By combining these powerful capabilities for complete code to cloud security coverage, Panoptica provides a differentiated experience.” We’re here to help our customers supercharge their application security at scale, backed by Cisco’s unrivalled portfolio of end-to-end security solutions.”

The advancement in Cloud Native Application Security is a significant step forward in Cisco’s accelerating end-to-end security strategy. Cisco is uniquely positioned to secure networks, devices, users, and new applications for organizations.

Cisco Cloud Native Application Security Spans Development to Runtime

Panoptica will include a unified and simplified visual dashboard experience that will scale seamlessly across clusters and multi-cloud environments. This will enable teams to secure APIs as well as serverless, containerized, and Kubernetes environments holistically, resulting in less complexity and greater efficiency.

Panoptica’s Cloud Workload Protection (CWPP) module provides runtime security for APIs, containers, and serverless environments. Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), which will provide continuous cloud security compliance and monitoring at scale, will be added in September, giving customers complete visibility into their entire inventory of cloud assets, including Kubernetes clusters.

Instead of requiring developers to conduct extensive security research on a case-by-case basis, API Logic Protection provides operations teams with a clear picture of the path toward policy governance for APIs. Furthermore, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Scanning enables developers to ensure that cloud infrastructure code is secure from the beginning.

Customers can then combine all of the data and insights from these security tools with Panoptica’s new Attack Path Engine to more comprehensively protect the activity, quickly apply policy management, and remediate problems with automated support.

Cisco Expands its Application Security Integrations, especially in Full Stack Observability

In addition to end-to-end application security, organizations must understand how cloud application vulnerabilities can impact the entire business.

The Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform’s Security Insights module for Cloud Native Application Observability will integrate with Panoptica to provide real-time visibility, prioritized insights, and recommendations to address security issues across critical applications based on business risk.

Security Insights offers differentiated runtime data security to detect and protect against sensitive data leakage. The right people get the right recommended actions – at the right time – thanks to real-time vulnerability risk scoring and telemetry to help prioritize top business risks.