CloudMile and Horangi collaborate to safeguard Malaysian enterprises from Cyber Threats

CloudMile and Horangi collaborate to safeguard Malaysian enterprises from Cyber Threats

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To promote Horangi’s Warden Cloud Security Posture Management secure business solutions for the Malaysian market, with a focus on the financial and public sectors that are crucial to Malaysia’s economy, CloudMile has teamed with Horangi Cyber Security, a Bitdefender subsidiary with headquarters in Singapore.

In Malaysia, data breaches have increased in frequency during the last two years. More than 20,000 cybersecurity crimes, including fraud and data breaches, were recorded by CyberSecurity Malaysia in 2021, with an unheard-of loss of RM560 million (US$127 million). Effective cybersecurity measures are crucial to maintaining customer confidence, protecting sensitive data, and ensuring the long-term survival of these industries in light of the surge in cyber threats.


CloudMile is aware of how critical it is to have a strong cybersecurity plan in place. To guarantee the security and protection of crucial data and applications, CloudMile emphasizes the usage of a variety of cloud technologies and solutions. CloudMile is able to develop a tiered security approach that provides redundancy and lowers the chance of data loss or breaches by utilizing a variety of cloud solutions. This cybersecurity strategy reflects CloudMile’s dedication to offering its clients world-class solutions that put security and protection first, according to Lester Leong, CloudMile’s country manager for Malaysia.

To keep customers’ trust, protect sensitive data, and preserve these industries’ long-term existence, effective cybersecurity measures are crucial. Businesses in these areas are empowered by Horangi’s Warden Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) to strike a balance between regulatory worries and the benefits of automation. Through transparent reporting and the removal of data security concerns, Warden automates the discovery of cloud misconfigurations, opening the road for multi-cloud digital transformation. In order for FSIs to comply with regulatory frameworks and mandate configuration and compliance standards, Warden additionally offers assistance with automated monitoring and policy enforcement technologies.

Malaysia’s banking and government sectors are crucial to the nation’s economy, therefore it’s crucial to make sure they’re secured against online threats. According to Lester Leong, Country Manager of CloudMile in Malaysia, “Our partnership with Horangi and their industry-leading cloud security expertise will enable us to provide these sectors with the necessary tools and expertise solutions to protect themselves against cyber attacks and keep their operations secure.”

According to Paul Hadjy, CEO and co-founder of Horangi Cyber Security, a Bitdefender Company, “With the growing number of cyber threats, effective cybersecurity measures are essential to safeguard sensitive data and ensure the continued viability of these sectors.” “CloudMile and Horangi are committed to delivering specialized solutions to address the unique needs of these sectors and safeguard companies from cyber threats.”