Dell Technologies and CrowdStrike enhance partnership to combat cyber threats with advanced MDR services

Dell Technologies and CrowdStrike enhance partnership to combat cyber threats with advanced MDR services

Dell Technologies and CrowdStrike

Dell Technologies and CrowdStrike have announced the expansion of their strategic partnership, introducing Dell’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services powered by CrowdStrike’s cutting-edge AI-native Falcon XDR platform. This collaboration is set to offer customers robust defences against the evolving and complex landscape of cyber threats.

The need for more robust cybersecurity measures is underscored by the 2024 CrowdStrike Global Threat Report, revealing that cyberattacks are evolving to be faster, more intricate, and increasingly challenging to identify. As the gap in cybersecurity expertise continues to grow, organisations must adopt effective strategies to protect against modern cyber threats. The collaboration between Dell and CrowdStrike seeks to tackle these challenges by offering a unified, managed security solution that streamlines the complex field of cybersecurity and enhances the proficiency of current security and IT teams.

The synergy between Dell’s global security operations and CrowdStrike’s Falcon platform promises unparalleled security across diverse multi-cloud and multi-vendor environments. This collaboration empowers customers to significantly mitigate threat exposures and swiftly respond to and recover from incidents.

Mihir Maniar, VP of Infrastructure, Edge, and Security Services Portfolio at Dell Technologies, emphasised partnering with industry leaders like CrowdStrike to offer customers versatile and practical security solutions. He highlighted that integrating MDR services with the Falcon platform enables customers to effectively counteract sophisticated cyber threats, ensuring the resilience and recovery of applications and systems.

Echoing the sentiment, Daniel Bernard, Chief Business Officer at CrowdStrike, remarked on the Falcon platform’s recognition as a leading cybersecurity solution. The expanded partnership with Dell is expected to extend their reach, offering top-tier protection to a broader range of customers, including large enterprises, mid-market organisations, and SMBs. Bernard stressed the potential of this alliance to deliver superior security outcomes, consolidate security solutions, and reduce operational costs for all customers.