Google Will Now Deploy Gemini AI To Combat Hacking And Other Cyberattacks


Google has significantly enhanced its cybersecurity capabilities by introducing Gemini AI into its suite of security tools. In response to the growing demand for more sophisticated defences against an increasingly complex landscape of cyber threats, Google has unveiled a new threat intelligence platform designed to increase the visibility of global cyber threats. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, announced on X, “Today, we’re launching Google Threat Intelligence from @googlecloud. This initiative is designed to help cybersecurity experts better understand the scope and scale of global threats. It incorporates the advanced AI capabilities of Gemini, along with critical insights from industry leaders @Mandiant and @virustotal.”

Now powered by Gemini, Google Threat Intelligence offers an innovative conversational search capability within its extensive threat intelligence database. This feature allows users to interact with the system more intuitively and naturally, enabling them to swiftly uncover insights and bolster their defences against threats more effectively than before. Recently, Google integrated Gemini 1.5 into ‘Google Threat Intelligence,’ further augmenting its ability to support security professionals in the battle against malware.

Google described the capabilities of Gemini 1.5 Pro, “This version boasts the longest context window available in the market, supporting up to 1 million tokens. This advancement dramatically simplifies reverse engineering malware’s complex and labour-intensive process.” Google highlighted a specific instance where Gemini AI processed the entire decompiled code of the infamous ‘WannaCry’ malware in a single session, taking 34 seconds to analyse and identify the critical ‘killswitch.’

Google’s security measures extend protection to over 4 billion devices and 1.5 billion email accounts worldwide, effectively blocking 100 million daily phishing attempts. The expertise of Mandiant’s security professionals is integral to this effort. They meticulously analyse attacker tactics and techniques, leveraging insights from hundreds of detailed investigations conducted annually. This deep well of experience is vital for equipping customers with the tools and knowledge necessary to defend against sophisticated cyber threats.

Mandiant’s team of human researchers is crucial in continuously monitoring threat actors. They constantly track these actors’ activities and behavioural changes, providing valuable context that enriches investigations and shapes responsive strategies. This continuous vigilance helps to ensure that Google’s threat intelligence remains at the cutting edge of cybersecurity, providing state-of-the-art tools and insights to protect users across the globe.

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