Dell Technologies India Unveils Critical Insights On AI, Generative AI & Cybersecurity

Dell Technologies India

Survey participants highlight the significant potential of Generative AI (GenAI) to enhance IT security (74%), boost productivity (73%), and improve customer experience (76%). According to 95% of Indian respondents to Dell Technologies Innovation Catalyst Research, Generative AI and AI will significantly transform industries in the future. This percentage rises to 91% among organisations reporting a high (+25%) revenue growth in 2023 but drops to 75% among those with low growth (1-5%), flat revenue, or a decline.

The study, which gathered insights from 6,600 IT and business decision-makers across 40 countries, indicates widespread optimism about AI and GenAI. However, organisational readiness for rapid technological changes varies significantly. While 96% of Indian respondents feel competitively well-positioned with a solid strategy, nearly half (47%) are uncertain about the future outlook of their industry over the next three to five years, and 57% struggle to keep pace with technological advancements. The main challenges identified include a lack of appropriate talent (43%), data privacy and cybersecurity concerns (35%), and budget constraints (34%).

Furthermore, while 39% of organisations have started implementing GenAI, many are navigating the practicalities of transitioning from ideation to implementation. Concerns centre around understanding the risks involved and determining responsibility for them, with 93% agreeing that the organisation is responsible for any AI malfunctions or undesired behaviours rather than the machine, the user, or the public. Additionally, 68% of respondents fear that GenAI could introduce new security and privacy issues, and 89% are cautious about placing their valuable data and intellectual property in a GenAI tool due to potential third-party access.

Cybersecurity remains a major concern, as 89% of respondents have experienced a security attack in the past year. Most adopt a Zero Trust deployment strategy (89%), and 90% have an Incident Response Plan. The research also underscores the critical role of modern data infrastructure as GenAI progresses and data volumes increase, with a strong preference for on-premises or hybrid models (73%) to meet upcoming challenges.

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