Indian employees emphasise essential role of cybersecurity training, Capterra study finds

cybersecurity trainig

Research by software vendor Capterra states that more than 80% of businesses are investing more in cybersecurity. The study, which involved 1,264 workers in India, examined how businesses train workers about security awareness, deal with phishing assaults, and involve staff members in cybersecurity.

According to the report, considering the potential of cyberattacks, employees believe cybersecurity training is essential. According to the report, encouraging open communication between employers and employees is essential to fostering a sense of involvement among staff members in the cybersecurity process.

The poll reveals a preference for a variety of activities like training, workshops, and phishing simulations, even though 97% of respondents claim to have received cybersecurity training. The findings show that security awareness training is continuous, with 27% choosing yearly sessions and 60% choosing refreshers every six months.

Regarding phishing attempts, 79% of companies reported being the subject of one in the past year, and 76% of them acknowledged clicking on a phishing email link. Positive communication between employers and employees is shown in the 64% of highly confident and 26% of fairly confident employees that their organization takes cybersecurity seriously.

75% of workers go above and beyond for online safety when using corporate devices, which may suggest that the company needs to strengthen its security measures or that its trained employees are actively looking for ways to stay safer.

As per the poll, 84% of employees have mechanisms in place to report assaults, and 81% have a formal incident response plan. This indicates that employees are critical to the detection and reporting of attacks.

There is a skills gap in cybersecurity, according to a different survey based on ISACA’s State of Cybersecurity 2023 report. More than 40% of CIOs and CTOs in India said their cybersecurity teams are understaffed. The report also shows a 55% rise in cyberattacks, which are linked to difficulties in personnel and employment.

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