Veeam unveils Cyber Secure Program for ransomware defense and recovery in enterprises


Veeam Cyber Secure Program, developed by Veeam Software, offers businesses a complete solution to protect themselves from ransomware attacks. Pre-incident support is part of the program, which guarantees client readiness with architecture design and quarterly security reviews. Veeam’s specialized Ransomware Response Team is available to clients in the event of an attack, and post-incident support expedites recovery. Veeam Cyber Secure assures users that they are prepared for any cyber incident, which ultimately gives them peace of mind.

“We know that 76% of organizations were attacked at least once in the past 12 months and 26% of those reported being attacked at least four times. Recovery is still a major concern, as only 13% believe they can successfully recover,” said John Jester, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Veeam. ”

Incident recovery services including advanced onboarding, help with design and implementation, and quarterly health checks are included in the Veeam Cyber Secure Program. Customers get access to a specialized Support Account Manager and a 30-minute service level agreement (SLA) Ransomware Response Team in the event of a cyber crisis.

Businesses can feel secure in the knowledge that their backups are dependable, clean, and prepared for quick recovery with the Veeam Cyber Secure Program. They are also prepared for the next cyberattack.

Veeam is the industry leader in ransomware protection and cyber resilience, therefore businesses keep coming to them for dependable and trustworthy services. In 2023, Veeam brought on over 4,600 new enterprise clients, which helped the company surpass $1 billion in annual revenue for the fifth year running (2019–2023).

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