Tata Elxsi expands 5G security capabilities through strategic partnership with AccuKnox

Tata Elxsi expands 5G security capabilities through strategic partnership with AccuKnox

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Tata Elxsi and Accuknox have announced a strategic alliance. With this partnership, network transformation and security will advance significantly and operators will have access to a comprehensive solution for creating and safeguarding autonomous networks.

NEURON is a whole suite of transformation products that help operators create self-sufficient networks. This suite contains NEURON Dark NOC, which automates 5G NOC operations, and NEURON Telco Cloud, which facilitates 5G rollout. Both systems, which are driven by Gen AI, provide digital twin functionality, intelligent end-user interactions, and predictive intelligence through AI/ML algorithms.

NIMBUS offers environment profiling as a means of identifying critical network and host security rules. These discovered policies are defined as intents that can be applied cloud-natively to any Kubernetes workload, from the Core to the RAN. These intentions provide real-time inline security against possible attackers once they are put into practice.

NEURON’s interface with NIMBUS enables operators to effortlessly deploy and protect cloud-native workloads. By introducing an intent-driven approach to security, NIMBUS enables operators to efficiently and precisely safeguard their cloud-native systems.

Due to this integration, operators can now easily find the necessary policies for previously deployed services and securely deploy cloud-native workloads. Furthermore, NEURON applies the required intent to the network automatically, guaranteeing a safe and efficient operational procedure. Because the integrated solution is independent of the underlying network, it makes it easier to orchestrate and enforce security measures and to use the best tools with a single control panel.

Rajagopalan Rajappa, CTO, Communications at Tata Elxsi, said, “Through this collaboration with AccuKnox, we want to offer telcos a solution that simplifies the complexity of deployment while also being secure and resilient. This strategic partnership helps operators roll out secure 5G networks with inline mitigation and makes the network future-ready for 6G.”

Rahul Jadhav, Co-founder & CTO at AccuKnox, said, “By joining forces with Tata Elxsi, we look forward to leveraging the power of our Zero Trust technology to deliver highly differentiated value to help organizations marshall the power of 5G technology while ensuring that the deployments are risk-mitigated.”