Tech Mahindra and forge strategic partnership to revolutionize Global Insurance Tech and Cybersecurity

Tech Mahindra and forge strategic partnership to revolutionize Global Insurance Tech and Cybersecurity

Tech Mahindra and forge

A significant partnership between Tech Mahindra and has been announced. This strategic partnership intends to strengthen cybersecurity solutions while providing comprehensive, multilingual, multinational technical support. The ultimate objective is to safeguard and fortify digital change in the insurance industry.

Through this alliance, will be able to communicate with consumers in more than 20 different languages by utilizing Tech Mahindra’s multilingual support capabilities. This partnership intends to improve customer experiences by providing insurance customers with round-the-clock professional help, first-rate call center services, cutting-edge AI-driven threat detection tools, and individualized guidance to protect them from cyber attacks.

According to Tech Mahindra’s Vivek Agarwal, President of APJI (Enterprise), Corporate Development, “The personal cyber insurance industry is growing quickly and is yet mostly untapped. This gives us a great chance to establish a strong presence in this industry. We are in a good position for cross-selling and appealing to new market segments because we provide comprehensive end-to-end products in this industry.”

The combination of’s cutting-edge insurance platform with Tech Mahindra’s digital and domain knowledge provides a tremendous synergy to improve client experiences and propel business growth in the rapidly changing cyber insurance market. Protection and recovery for social accounts, devices, smartphones, networks, and data are important services that insurance customers can benefit from this collaboration with. Additionally, the alliance will offer anti-phishing verification and validation tools, social account evaluation and protection against account theft, and a plan for discovering and preventing threats to the WAN and WiFi networks.

According to Saar Bar, co-founder and CEO of, “Cyber-attacks in the US resulted in financial losses of $10.3 billion in 2022, up from $2.7 billion in 2018. Due to a lack of individualized and effective solutions, prompt replies, and effective communication, consumers’ end-to-end solutions in the realm of cybersecurity are mostly overlooked and mistreated.”