Keysight & ETAS Collaborate On Automotive Security

Keysight, ETAS

Keysight Technologies Inc. and ETAS have formed a strategic partnership to deliver a comprehensive automotive cybersecurity solution to provide robust protection for vehicles at launch. This partnership will integrate ETAS’s ESCRYPT CycurFUZZ, a cutting-edge automotive fuzzer tool, into Keysight’s Automotive Cybersecurity Test Platform.

As automotive systems become increasingly interconnected, addressing cybersecurity risks is paramount to ensuring vehicle safety and security. Fuzzing, a crucial element of thorough security testing, involves injecting invalid, malformed, or unexpected inputs into a system to identify potential defects and vulnerabilities.

By incorporating ESCRYPT CycurFUZZ into Keysight’s cybersecurity platform, automakers can efficiently conduct fuzz testing on targets via controller area network (CAN) interfaces. The CycurFUZZ tool, now seamlessly integrated, provides advanced software for CAN bus fuzzing at both the module and system levels. This sophisticated integration allows the CAN bus to automatically scan unknown vulnerabilities and software weaknesses, thereby effectively mitigating CAN bus-related cybersecurity risks.

Keysight’s automotive cybersecurity solution facilitates automated testing across all open systems interconnection (OSI) model layers for various in-vehicle interfaces, including Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth, CAN, and automotive Ethernet. This ensures the resilience and robustness of the electronic control unit (ECU), telematic control unit (TCU) subcomponents or even the entire vehicle. Furthermore, the solution assists automakers and suppliers in complying with stringent international cybersecurity standards such as UN R-155 and ISO/SAE 21434.

“Our collaboration with Keysight exemplifies how joint efforts can significantly enhance the software quality and cyber resilience of products offered by automakers and their suppliers,” said Eric Cesa, Vice President of Sales for North America and Brazil at ETAS.

“Ensuring future-proof testing is critical for mitigating the risks associated with the growing threat of automotive cyberattacks. Collaborating with ETAS to integrate this high-speed fuzzing test into our automotive cybersecurity solution will enable end-users to meet industry standards while expanding their knowledge of potential threats,” added Thomas Goetzl, VP & GM of Keysight’s Automotive and Energy Solutions.

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