Palo Alto Networks sets sights on Talon Cyber Security in a strategic move

Palo Alto Networks sets sights on Talon Cyber Security in a strategic move

Palo Alto Network

Enterprise security teams prioritize managed device security in today’s networked digital environments. Simultaneously, an increasingly greater quantity of unmanaged devices establish connections with enterprise applications, gaining access to confidential data with nearly no protection and no controls or visibility. Attackers seize this opportunity with great speed. Rather than attempting to circumvent enterprise-level security on devices under management, they can effortlessly take advantage of weaknesses in unmanaged devices as a means of gaining access to important and private information.

To address this issue, Palo Alto Networks declared that it has finalised an acquisition deal to purchase Talon Cyber Security, a leader in Enterprise Browser technology. Customers may have a smooth user experience and securely access company applications from any device, including mobile and non-corporate devices, with Talon’s Enterprise Browser. This cutting-edge solution works in tandem with Prisma SASE.

Palo Alto Networks Chief Product Officer Lee Klarich

“Hundreds of SaaS and web apps are used by the average enterprise1, which means that the majority of work is now done through browsers. With Talon, businesses may use an Enterprise Browser to safeguard all work-related activities without affecting personal device use or user privacy. Palo Alto Networks will be able to securely connect all users and devices to all apps, including private applications, and apply consistent security regardless of the user’s identity or the device they use for work, thanks to the integration of Talon with Prisma SASE. The announcement we made today demonstrates our unwavering faith in the resilience of the Israeli cybersecurity ecosystem as well as our dedication to our expanding Israeli team.”

Palo Alto Networks SVP and GM Anand Oswal

“BYOD presents a productivity benefit, but it also poses a serious security concern. Security teams may now have complete visibility and control over all SaaS and web activity linked to work on any device, including unmanaged and personal endpoints, thanks to Talon’s Enterprise Browser. To enable users to safely access corporate applications from any location, on any device, SASE solutions must adapt to secure unmanaged devices using the same uniform security measures applied to managed devices. The special fusion of Talon and Prisma SASE will revolutionize how businesses handle the difficulties posed by the contemporary, networked digital environments.”

Ofer Ben-Noon, Co-Founder & CEO, Talon

“The proliferation of distributed work models has created a dynamic threat landscape that legacy solutions are ill-equipped to handle. We built Talon to bring powerful last-mile security to organizations, addressing the significant customer needs for secure access across all devices while catering to emerging customer and user preferences for browser-based productivity. Talon’s Enterprise Browser is purpose-built to deliver seamless, familiar user experiences on top of enterprise-grade protection that goes hand-in-hand with the great security that Prisma SASE offers today. Not only is Palo Alto Networks the ideal partner for us to accelerate our journey, but their commitment to innovation in Israel is inspiring and an excellent match for Talon’s mission of creating the best outcomes possible for customers and our employees.”

Established by businessmen Ofer Ben-Noon and Ohad Bobrov, Talon emerged victorious in the esteemed Innovation Sandbox competition held by the RSA Conference in 2022. The co-founders will remain in that role when they join the Prisma SASE team at Palo Alto Networks after closure.