TCS introduces new cybersecurity and compliance platform

TCS introduces new cybersecurity and compliance platform


A cybersecurity and compliance platform powered by artificial intelligence has been introduced by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The Cyber Insights platform consolidates customers’ security datasets across clouds and settings by leveraging TCS’s experience in managed detection and response with Amazon Security Lake. Indeed, Amazon Security Lake, which debuted in November 2022, is a specifically designed security data lake that allows users to compile and store data.

The Cyber Insights Platform helps businesses be proactive in addressing these possible threats by using machine learning models to continuously analyze anomalies and forecast potential concerns well in advance.

The bank Crime Fusion Center, one of the platform’s features, combines data from bank clients’ fraud detection and cybersecurity systems with generative AI to provide insights into occurrences such as account takeovers, unauthorised fund transfers, and identity theft.

“TCS’s strategy of investing in creating cutting-edge solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies to address our clients’ most urgent business issues is best demonstrated by the Cyber Insights Platform.” Additionally, TCS is leveraging generative AI to create contextual insights from security data stored in dispersed silos, turning them into valuable strategic assets. According to Krishna Mohan, Deputy Head of TCS AI Cloud, “Such innovation and our strong relationship with AWS make TCS the preferred partner for clients looking to transform their cybersecurity landscape.”

TCS established a new business unit called AI. Cloud in July specifically to address the potential presented by AI. It is anticipated that the new division will use this technology with a more focused methodology. Notably, TCS revealed in the Q2FY24 earnings that it has finished training 100,000 people in AI.