Ahmedabad becomes first city to use AI for surveillance

Ahmedabad becomes first city to use AI for surveillance

AI for surveillance

Ahmedabad becomes India’s first city to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for monitoring the entire city. The Paldi area of Ahmedabad city is now home to an AI-enabled command and control centre that oversees a large area of 460 square kilometers.

As part of the surveillance, live drone footage is enabling camera feeds from traffic signals, and buses. The system’s capabilities go beyond monitoring and resolving different issues, such as tracking traffic infractions or unknown activities. The municipal corporation and the police are expected to benefit greatly from this AI-driven system, which can be useful in identifying suspicious activities or in missing person searches.

AI is capable of handling a variety of tasks with efficiency, from live footage analysis to searching through hours of recorded footage to find pertinent information. Drone integration makes surveillance easier and makes it easier to spot problems like unlicensed parking, stalls, trash buildup, and other community issues. These problems can be quickly identified and fixed thanks to the integration of AI analysis and drone footage.

Since the installation of this AI-monitored system, residents of Ahmedabad have reported feeling safer and observing improvements in traffic management and general cleanliness. The city is a symbol of advancement, showing how artificial intelligence (AI) in particular can advance urban development and safety. Since Ahmedabad is setting the example, it is expected that other Indian cities will soon adopt comparable creative solutions.