Keeper Security boosts cybersecurity with hardware security keys as an exclusive 2FA method

Keeper Security boosts cybersecurity with hardware security keys as an exclusive 2FA method

Keeper Security

Keeper Security now supports hardware security keys as the only Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) option to further improve security. This strong physical second factor reduces vulnerability to remote attacks and lessens dependency on mobile devices. Administrators have the authority to enforce extra security measures like demanding a PIN and restricting 2FA to the exclusive usage of physical keys.

As fraudsters become more skilled, stronger authentication elements are becoming more and more crucial, shattering the illusion of impenetrable defences. Conventional two-factor authentication techniques like SMS and Time-Based One-Time Passwords (TOTP) are susceptible to SIM swapping and social engineering. Because of these weaknesses, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has removed SMS authentication from its list of approved authentication methods. As a result, businesses and people are looking for 2FA options that are more secure.

“Cybercriminals are creative and relentless in their mission to break historically secure solutions,” said Craig Lurey, CTO and Co-founder of Keeper Security. “In response, many organisations are transitioning to hardware-based 2FA devices like YubiKey. With Keeper, administrators can now enforce the use of a hardware security key as the sole 2FA option, empowering users with a simple and user-friendly, but highly secure authentication method.”

Keeper has always supported hardware security keys; however, before this, customers had to have a backup 2FA option in addition to their security key. Users, both corporate and personal, can now use a security key as their sole 2FA solution. Keeper lets users have several security keys, so they can have backup keys, keys for different devices, or keys in different places.

If current users would rather use a security key alone, they can delete other 2FA methods by logging in to the Keeper Web Vault or Keeper Desktop App version 16.10.12+. To better safeguard their organizations, administrators can now mandate that users enable a PIN (FIDO2 user verification) using their security key. With a security key, Keeper allows for login on iOS and Android devices. However, the Web Vault or Keeper Desktop App require the setup of a security key as the only 2FA technique.