Indian Cyber Security Company Whizhack Teams Up with Vietnamese Firm to Build Next-Gen Solutions

Indian Cyber Security Company Whizhack Teams Up with Vietnamese Firm to Build Next-Gen Solutions


Whizhack Technologies, India’s sole vertically integrated cybersecurity company experiencing rapid growth, has signed a significant agreement with a prominent Vietnamese firm, Total Solutions and Logistics Limited, specialising in Electronic Manufacturing Systems. This collaboration focuses on delivering cybersecurity training, products, and managed services tailored to IT and Manufacturing sectors in Vietnam. Whizhack Technologies, a wholly indigenous cybersecurity company, has developed advanced security solutions such as Honeypots, Host Intrusion Detection Systems, and Network Intrusion Detection Systems. Additionally, it offers comprehensive Cyber Security Training in partnership with leading educational institutions, serving esteemed clients across various sectors, including defence and power.

The primary objective of the MoU is to deliver cybersecurity training, deploy Whizhack’s AI-based security products, and offer Managed SOC Services to IT, Manufacturing industries, and Smart Cities in Vietnam. With a vision to create “Smart and Secure” solutions, this partnership aims to introduce the latest cybersecurity technologies in Vietnam, establishing a comprehensive facility for training and R&D in both hardware and software technologies. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was formalised in the presence of Madan Mohan Sethi, the Consulate General of India at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Dr Milan Patnaik, CISO and Head of Global Services at Whizhack, signed the MoU with Total Logistics Solutions Company Limited, represented by its CEO, Tran Anh Minh Huy.

Whizhack has been a technology partner in India for various institutions and organisations, contributing to cybersecurity research and development projects and training initiatives. Whizhack’s recent partnership with New York State University at Albany to establish an Operational Technology security lab underscores its global reach and influence.

Dr. Milan Patnaik of Whizhack Technologies emphasised the importance of a well-trained workforce and robust products in realising effective cybersecurity solutions. He highlighted the necessity for collaboration and knowledge sharing among companies and countries to combat evolving cybersecurity threats effectively.

Madan Mohan Sethi, the Consulate General of India at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, emphasised the critical importance of Cybersecurity in light of Vietnam’s Smart City initiatives. He stressed the need for trained cybersecurity professionals and lauded the collaboration in addressing pressing cybersecurity challenges in Vietnam.

Tran Anh Minh Huy, CEO of TSL, expressed optimism about the partnership’s potential to strengthen domestic and international businesses with robust Cybersecurity solutions. He highlighted the significance of the planned training programs in producing globally competent Cybersecurity professionals, thus enhancing network security systems for governments and businesses. Commercially, he sees cooperation with Whizhack as a catalyst for TSL’s growth, especially considering Whizhack’s recognition as a Cybersecurity partner for the Indian government.