Varonis Systems unveils industry’s first cybersecurity solution for Microsoft 365 Copilot

Varonis Systems unveils industry’s first cybersecurity solution for Microsoft 365 Copilot

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Varonis Systems has introduced “Varonis for Microsoft 365 Copilot,” marking a first in the industry with a purpose-built solution designed to safeguard Microsoft’s AI-driven productivity tool before and after its deployment. This innovative offering expands upon Varonis’ comprehensive Microsoft 365 security suite, incorporating novel features that enable real-time monitoring of Copilot data access, detection of unusual Copilot interactions, and the automatic restriction of sensitive data access by humans and AI agents.

Integrating AI tools in the workplace has been recognised for their potential to enhance operational efficiency substantially. However, without stringent controls, these technologies risk inadvertently exposing sensitive information, potentially giving cybercriminals and insiders unprecedented capabilities to locate, encrypt, or abscond with data more swiftly than possible.

Varonis, a premier Microsoft partner since announcing its support for Microsoft 365 in 2015, has seen its security suite for Microsoft 365 generate over $100 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR). The company’s cloud-native platform and unmatched expertise in securing data within the Microsoft cloud have enabled its R&D team to swiftly develop innovative security solutions to address the challenges posed by the burgeoning use of AI in business operations.

David Bass, Varonis’ Executive Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technology Officer, emphasised the importance of maintaining a robust data security stance when implementing Copilot, stating, “Strong data security posture is necessary to roll out Copilot safely. However, once you deploy, you need ongoing visibility into what Copilot is doing, what sensitive data it’s accessing, and the ability to detect abnormal behaviour and policy violations in real time. Varonis for Microsoft 365 Copilot does that.”