Seqrite and M. Tech Solutions Collaborate to Enhance Cybersecurity in India

Seqrite and M. Tech Solutions Collaborate to Enhance Cybersecurity in India

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Indian Cybersecurity Gets a Boost as Seqrite and M.Tech Solutions Join Forces. Quick Heal’s enterprise arm, Seqrite, has partnered with M. Tech Solutions to bring advanced cybersecurity solutions to businesses and government organisations across India. This strategic partnership will leverage M. Tech’s extensive network and expertise to expand Seqrite’s reach in critical sectors. Some of the key points of the collaboration include:

  • M. Tech Solutions has become Seqrite’s official value-added distributor in India.
  • The partnership focuses on strengthening Seqrite’s presence in the enterprise and government markets.
  • M.Tech has a strong network of over 400 channel partners and serves over 3,000 customers in India.
  • Seqrite offers a comprehensive suite of solutions like Endpoint Security, EDR, XDR, EMM, Zero Trust, and Data Privacy.
  • This collaboration is expected to accelerate Seqrite’s growth and market share in India.

Enhancing Cybersecurity Landscape in India

This partnership marks a significant step towards making advanced cybersecurity solutions more readily available for Indian enterprises and government institutions. M. Tech’s established presence in the Asia Pacific region brings a vast network and expertise, allowing it to serve Seqrite’s solutions to a broader audience effectively.

Mutual Benefits and Strategic Goals

Both Seqrite and M. Tech Solutions stand to gain from this collaboration. Seqrite will leverage M. Tech’s distribution network to gain a stronger foothold in the enterprise and government sectors, while M. Tech will enhance its portfolio with Seqrite’s cutting-edge security solutions that comply with India’s Cyber Security Management Act (CSMA).

Industry Leaders Express Optimism

Industry leaders are optimistic about the partnership’s potential. Vishal Salvi, CEO of Quick Heal Technologies, praised M. Tech’s proven track record. At the same time, Bhavin Bhatt, Managing Director of M. Tech Solutions in India, highlighted the value proposition this collaboration brings to all parties involved.

Building a Secure Future

This alliance is a win-win for both companies and their customers. It promises to significantly bolster the cybersecurity landscape for Indian businesses and government entities. With a shared vision of securing digital infrastructure and fostering a cyber-safe future for India, Seqrite and M. Tech Solutions are poised to set new benchmarks in the cybersecurity domain.